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We will make it easy for you to deliver a brilliant admissions and communication service for your school.

This April, Pair Education will be hosting a Boarding Schools Fair in Nairobi, Kenya. For further details of this exciting, all-inclusive event, please contact us by email.

Admissions Audit

Are you leaving pupil recruitment to chance? Are you ready to bring certainty to the success of your department? If the answers to these questions are ‘Yes’ but you’re just not sure quite how to start the process, we would be delighted to conduct an Admissions Audit which will provide you with a bespoke visual map of your Admissions process highlighting what happens, when, how and who ‘manages’ each stage. We also present you with a summary of our findings identifying where best practice is already in place and where there are opportunities to further increase efficiency. The findings will give you a robust foundation to inform a new Admissions and Marketing strategy.

Strategic planning

Pair can develop and help implement a complete strategic and tactical plan for your admissions department with the explicit purpose of supporting the broader aims of the school. 


If those aims are not fully focussed or in a state of flux, do bear in mind we love change! We would be delighted to work with you to help you achieve a clear focus. Our experts at Pair have played an integral part in merging schools, in introducing full and partial co-education to previously single sex schools, in advising on extending age ranges, in opening sister schools and so much more. 


We can bring that expertise to bear, working for you to inform your new strategy with rigorous evidence and imaginative suggestions.

Measuring Performance

Your admissions department may be busy, but do you know precisely how much of that work is translating into accepted places? Can you use data from past years to predict future numbers with confidence? Are your admissions staff part of a supportive appraisal system which enables them to give of their best? What are the key performance indicators for your admissions department and are your goals achievable? Do you have the best database for your needs?


Pair can help put systems in place to enable your admissions team to work with accurate and appropriate data to inform successful planning and decision making.


Please do get in touch. We would be delighted to explore options with you.

Customer care

Relationships are at the heart of any successful school. Pair can help you devise a coherent and effective method of communication that puts individual care at the heart of all stages of the admissions process.


Our emphasis upon an imaginative personal touch, clarity of information and timeliness of delivery, help reinforce the care you already have for prospective families and nurture the trust they feel in you.

Pair Tutoring

Pair Tutoring provides one-to-one tuition tailored to each pupils' strengths, weaknesses and learning style. One-to-one tutoring furnished pupils with knowledge, confidence and a positive academic attitude.


Our tutors have experience of working with pupils of all abilities including the with dyslexia and dyscalculia, to develop effective examination technique and time management skills. We specialise in tutoring science and maths at Common Entrance and GCSE levels to pupils who reside outside the UK and attend British Curriculum schools as boarders or day pupils. 

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We believe that creativity is an essential component of success. Pair Inspires is our way of sharing some of the inspiration behind our creativity - put simply, it's what excites us!


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